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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Hukm by Azad Khan Afghan

Date Ramazan 1167 / 22.6.1754 - 21.7.1754
Content Azad Khan Afghan appoints Abdal Khan governor of Pusht Kuh, a post formerly held by Abdal Khan's father 'Ali Salih Khan.
Type hukm
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script nasta'liq
Publication Garthwaite, Gene. Khans and shahs: A documentary analysis of the Bakhtiyari in Iran. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press, 1983 [documents in appendices on microfiche] Appendix II, 53-58
Keywords appointment | tribe | Bakhtiyari
Individuals Abdal Khan | 'Ali Salih Khan | Azad Khan Afghan
Places Fars | Pusht Kuh
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