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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Petition from Najaf

Date 1276 / 31.7.1859 - 19.7.1860
Content The petitioner applies for means of subsistence (ma'ishat) which shall be taken from the tax revenues of a village near Urumiyah which is a family vaqf in order to continue his services in Najaf.
Type 'arzah-dasht
Category Letters and Correspondence
Script shikastah-nasta'liq
Publication Mudarrisi-Tabataba'i, Husayn. "Asnad va ahkami az khanadan-i Afshar-i Urumi." Barrasi-ha-yi tarikhi 7, 3 (1351/1972): 145-202. 152; 177
Keywords Afshar (tribe) | petition | vaqf | mustamarri
Individuals Nasir al-Din Shah
Places Najaf | Urumiyah
Notes document is not an original but taken from the fihrist of petitions
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