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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Settlement about land property near Tabriz

Date 22 Zihijjah 1242 / 17.7.1827 - 17.7.1827
Content Settlement between the joint owners of the villages of Amandi, Khvajah Khushnam, and Sulujah, Mirza Muhammad Riza munshi, Hajji Fath-'Ali, and Mirza 'Ali, resulting in a redistribution of shares in order to avoid further disputes.
Type musalahah
Category Private Deeds
Archive Mu'assasa-i pazhuhish va mutala'at-i farhangi (Tihran)
Publication Werner, Christoph. An Iranian Town in Transition: A Social and Economic History of the Elites of Tabriz, 1747-1848. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2000. 318-324
Keywords landownership
Places Khvajah Khushnam | Azarbayjan | Tabriz | Sulujah | Amandi
Notes Text edition and translation included in the publication.
No Edition.

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