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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Qabalah concerning the village Dibkand (Armenia)

Date 20 Shavval 911 - 29 Shavval 911 / 16.3.1506 - 25.3.1506
Content Juridical document over the southern Armenian village Dib-kand (district of Nakhjavan) in the gorge Sham. The document declares that the village should remain under the control of its peasants.
Type hukm-i shar'i
Category Private Deeds
Script naskh
Archive Institut drevnikh rukopisei im. Mashtotsa "Matenadaran" (Erevan)
Publication Papazian, Akop Davidovich. Persidskie dokumenty Matenadarana: II Kupchie (14-16 vv.). Erevan: Izdatel'stvo Akademii Nauk Armianskoi SSR, 1968. 94-98, 292-96, 460-64, 565-68
Keywords Armenians | peasants | estates
Places Nakhjavan | Armenia
Notes The document contains an appendix, that has been added ca. 50 years later and is signed by the vazir of Azarbayjan Mirza 'Ataullah.
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