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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Marriage contract

Date 10 Rajab 1283 / 18.11.1866 - 18.11.1866
Content Marriage contract between Aqa Ya'qub b. Karbala'i Isma' il and Bibi Bigum daughter of Karbala'i Yusuf, dowry of 45 tuman.
Type 'aqd-namah
Category Private Deeds
Script nasta'liq
Archive Sazman-i asnad-i milli (Tihran)
Publication Shahristani, Hasan. "Jilvah-ha-yi hunar-i Irani dar asnad-i milli", Tihran: Sazman-i asnad-i milli, 1381 (2002). 96
Keywords Qajars | marriage
Places Iran
Notes erroneously listed as musalahah in Shahristani
No Edition.

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