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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Farman by Timur

Date 24 Muharram 804 / 3.9.1401 - 3.9.1401
Content Muhammad Sultan Bahadur and the dignitaries of Azarbayjan, Nakhchavan, Maraqan and other places are informed that Timur has entrusted Shaykh Dursun with the collection of the taxes in their territories.
Type farman
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script nasta'liq
Archive Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Arşivi (İstanbul)
Publication Fekete, Lajos, and György Hazai, eds. Einführung in die persische Paläographie: 101 Dokumente. Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1977. 71-75, Tafel 3-5
Keywords taxes | Timurids
Individuals Timur Lang | Dursun, Shaykh
Places Maraqan | Nakhjavan | Azarbayjan
Notes Fekete Document No. 3
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