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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Ilkhanid Farman (in Uighur script))

Date 1 Shavval 654 - 29 Zihijjah 754 / 22.10.1256 - 25.1.1354
Content Seven lines of an Ilkhanid decree (in Uighur script) containing some common phrases. (document undated)
Type Other
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Archive Muzah-yi Iran bastan (Tihran)
Publication Pelliot, Paul. "Les documents mongols du Musée de Ṭeherān." Aṯhār-é Īrān 1 (1936): 37-44. 38
Keywords Mongols | Ilkhanids
Notes Date based on reign of the Ilkhanids. Pelliot states that this decree was probably issued during the reign of Arghun ( 1284-91 ) because the chinese seal is the same as in a letter from Arghun to Philip IV of France (1289).
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