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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Parvanchah by Awrangzib

Date 16 Ramazan 1073 / 24.4.1663 - 24.4.1663
Content The present and future mutasaddis of the parganah Byaval, subah Khandish are informed that three bigah uftadah arable land are granted as madad-i ma'ash to Bibi Vali, wife of Shaykh Lad Muhammad according to the sanad of Sayyid Ghiyas al-Din Jagirdar. Rukn al-Saltanah 'Azd al-Khilafat is ordered to continue the arrangement. The land is to be handed over to the lady after correcting the tasdiq of Fath Muhammad in the zimn. She may utilise the land till her death and pray for the eternal prosperity of the emperor.
Type parvanah
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script shikastah-nasta'liq
Archive Andhra Pradesh State Archives (Hyderabad)
Publication Sitapati, Sri P. (gen. ed.). Mughal Documents: Catalogue of Aurangzeb's reign (1663-1664 A.D.), vol. II. Hyderabad: State Archives Government of Andhra Pradesh, 1988. 7
Keywords Mughals | agriculture | madad-i ma'ash
Individuals Awrangzib, Abu al-Muzaffar Muhammad | Rukn al-Saltanah 'Azd al-Khilafah (Prince Mu'azzam)
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