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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Letter from Shah 'Abbas II to Christian IV

Date 29 Ramazan 1051 - 15 Zihijjah 1058 / 1.1.1642 - 31.12.1648
Content Letter in the hands of an Armenian legation of traders from New-Julfa travelling to Europe. [document undated]
Type namah
Category Letters and Correspondence
Script nasta'liq
Archive København (Danmark)
Publication Afshar, Iraj. "Asnadi az ravabit-i tarikhi-yi Iran dar Danmark." Rahnamah-yi kitab 18 (1354/1975): 444-50. 445
Keywords diplomatic relations | Armenians | Safavids | trade
Individuals 'Abbas II, Shah | Christian IV (Denmark)
Places Julfa | Isfahan | Europe | Denmark
Notes Date based on intersection of regencies of Shah Abbas II (1642-1666) and Christian IV (Denmark) (1577-1648).
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