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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Official Letter by Fath-'Ali Shah

Date Sha'ban 1232 / 16.6.1817 - 14.7.1817
Content The farman is addressed to 'Abbas Mirza. It contains instructions for the reception of the Russian ambassador, Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov, who was supposed to come to Iran bringing a signed copy of the Gulistan treaty with him.
Type farman
Category Letters and Correspondence
Script shikastah-nasta'liq
Archive Karimzadah-yi Tabrizi, Muhammad 'Ali (private collection)
Publication Qa'im-Maqami, Jahangir. "Sanadi dar barah-yi sifarat-i Zhenral Yirmuluf bih Iran." Barrasi-ha-yi tarikhi 5, 6 (1349/1971): 243-56. 248-49, 251
Keywords diplomatic relations | peace treaty | Qajars
Individuals 'Abbas Mirza Na'ib al-Saltanah | Fath-'Ali Shah Qajar | Yermolov, Aleksey Petrovich
Places Gulistan | Russia
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