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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Letter from Uljaytu to Philippe IV le Bel

Date 704 / 4.8.1304 - 23.7.1305
Content Uljaytu announces the reconciliation of the ruling descendants of Genghiz Khan after 45 years of infighting and informs about the dispatch of two envoys.
Type namah
Category Letters and Correspondence
Archive Archives nationales (Paris)
Publication Haenisch, Erich. "Zu den Briefen der mongolischen Il-Khane Arġun und Öljeitü an den König Philipp den Schönen von Frankreich (1289 u. 1305)." Oriens 2, 2 (Dec. 31, 1949): 216-35. Tafel IIa, Tafel Iib
Keywords diplomatic relations | envoy | Mongols | Ilkhanids
Individuals Uljaytu, Muhammad Khudabandah | Philippe IV le Bel | Genghis Khan
Places France
Notes Language: Mongolian written in Uyghur characters. The exact date is given in the document as follows: […] in the year 704, a snake year, on the eighth day of the last decade of the first summer month .
No Edition.
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