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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Letter from Aqa Khan Kirmani to Mirza Malkum Khan

Date 1 Muharram 1308 - 1 Rajab 1312 / 17.8.1890 - 29.12.1894
Content Undated letter from Mirza Aqa Khan Kirmani to Mirza Malkum Khan. Among other things he gives his address in Istanbul, informs about the situation in Tihran and requests the sending of newspapers from Malkum Khan.
Type namah
Category Letters and Correspondence
Archive Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)
Publication Qa'im-Maqami, Jahangir. Yaksad va panjah sanad-i tarikhi: az Jalayiriyan ta Pahlavi. Tihran: Chapkhanah-yi artish-i shahanshahi-yi Iran, 1348 (1969). 281-82
Keywords reformist movements | Qajars
Individuals Zill al-Sultan, Mas'ud Mirza | Malkum Khan Nazim al-Dawlah, Mirza
Places Tihran | Istanbul | London | Iran
Notes letter is undated, correspondence between Malkum Khan and Aqa Khan Kirmani starts 1308/1890
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