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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Vaqf-namah from Dih Namak

Date Ramazan 704 / 28.3.1305 - 26.4.1305
Content This vaqf is created by Muhammad b. Ibrahim b. Babuyah al-Kaku'i al-Ghaffari. One dang of Dih Namak is endowed in favour of the mosque located near the dwelling of the founder for its maintenance, two dang are to be used for food, shelter and medical care for the poor and pilgrims and three dang are reserved for the founder's sons after his death. After four generations, these three dang will be donated to the Sufis of Simnan.
Type vaqf-namah
Category Other
Publication Ardakani, Husayn Mahbubi. "Savad vaqf-namah-yi dih namak." Farhang-i Iran Zamin 19 (1352/1973): 10-18.
Keywords mosque | vaqf
Individuals Muhammad b. Ibrahim b. Babuyah al-Kakuyi al-Ghafari
Places Simnan
Notes This vaqf deed is a copy of the original.
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