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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Farman by Shah 'Abbas II

Date Shavval 1068 / 2.7.1658 - 30.7.1658
Content The kalantar of Sistan, Amir Nizam al-Din 'Ali, and the local tax collector (muhassil) Mawlana Khusraw have reported that the governor (hakim) and his deputies (vukala') unlawfully collect additional payments from the inhabitants. They are ordered to abandon this malpractice.
Type farman
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script shikastah-nasta'liq
Archive Kalantari, Hamid (private collection)
Publication Davudi, Husayn. "Asnad-i khanadan-i Kalantari-yi Sistan." Barrasi-ha-yi tarikhi 4, 5-6 (1348/1969-70): 1-34. 11, 27
Keywords Safavids | taxes
Individuals 'Abbas II, Shah
Places Sistan
Notes The date given in the edition of the farman is apparently wrong (1608).
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