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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Farman by Shah Tahmasp II

Date Rabi' II 1143 / 14.10.1730 - 11.11.1730
Content Farman to the mutavallis of the vaqf of the tomb of Zayn al-'Abidin concerning the lease of the Div-Sultan garden belonging to the endowment (mawqufat). This garden is located in the grounds of the dawlatkhanah and had previously been given in lease to the sarkar-i khassah by the shaykh al-islam of Isfahan, here Mawla Muhammad Shafi'.
Type farman
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script nasta'liq
Archive British Museum (London)
Publication Jahanpur, Farhang. "Faramin-i padshahan-i Safavi dar muzah-yi Britaniya." Barrasi-ha-yi tarikhi 4, 4 (1348/1969): 221-64. 240-42, 261
Keywords mutavalli | vaqf | shaykh al-islam | Safavids
Individuals Tahmasp II, Shah
Places Isfahan | Persian Gulf
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