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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Farman by Shah 'Abbas I to Amir Kamal al-Din Mahmud

Date Shavval 1010 / 25.3.1602 - 22.4.1602
Content Return of a suyurghal to Sayyid Amir Kamal al-Din Mahmud Taliqani that had been taken from him and been given by the ghulaman-i khassah-yi sharifah to the ghulam Aghurlu Bayg. The finance officals are to note this regulation in the registers (dafatir). Reference to the Mashhad pilgrimage of Shah 'Abbas
Type farman
Category Private Deeds
Publication Abu al-Qasimi, Muhammad Taqi Mir. "Du farman dar barah-yi Taliqan." Farhang-i Iran Zamin 12 (1343/1964): 268-72. 270-71
Keywords suyurghal | tuyul | Safavids
Individuals 'Abbas I, Shah | Kamal al-Din Mahmud Taliqani, Amir
Places Mashhad | Suhan | Taliqan
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