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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Letter from Shah Quli Khan to Louis XIV

Date 7 Shavval 1119 - 2 Ramazan 1127 / 1.1.1708 - 1.9.1715
Content Iran intends to strengthen its military relations with France and and asks the french government to send experts (ustadan) for producing shells (qanparah), guns (tufang) and cannons (tup). French warships should support the Iranian troops in the fight against Masqat. The sending of french clockmakers (sa'at-saz), clothweavers (landrah-baf) and stonemasons (sangtarash) is also requested. [document undated]
Type namah
Category Letters and Correspondence
Script shikastah-nasta'liq
Archive Archives des Affaires étrangères (Paris)
Publication Qa'im-Maqami, Jahangir. "Ravabit-i nizami-yi Iran va Faransah dar dawrah-yi safaviyah." Barrasi-ha-yi tarikhi 1, 1- 2 (1345/1966): 105-24.
Keywords diplomatic relations | envoy | economy | military | Safavids
Individuals Shahquli Khan | Michel, Pierre Victor
Places France | Masqat (Muscat) | Iran
Notes Date based on the period between the Franco-Persian treaty (1708) and the end of the reign of Louis XIV (1715). Also published in Qa'im-Maqami, Jahangir. Yaksad va panjah sanad-i tarikhi. Tihran, 1348 (1969).
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