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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Suyurghal from Jahanshah Qara Quyunlu

Date 3 Rajab 859 / 19.6.1455 - 19.6.1455
Content The recipient of the document (Amir Jalal al-Din Tarkhan) receives the divan tax revenues of Harat, Marvast and Bavanat in Fars and at the same time a tax exemption and the administrative power over the mentioned villages.
Type suyurghal
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script ta'liq
Archive Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi Arşivi (İstanbul)
Publication Aubin, Jean. "Un soyurghal Qara-Qoyunlu concernant le buluk de Bawanat-Harat-Marwast." Documents from Islamic Chanceries, ed. S. M. Stern, Oxford: Bruno Cassirer, 1965: 159-70. 159-62; 236-45
Keywords suyurghal | tax exemptions | Qara Quyunlu | darughah
Individuals Jalal al-Din Tarkhan, Amir | Jahanshah Qara Quyunlu | Pir Budaq
Places Fars | Marvast | Harat | Shiraz | Bavanat
Notes The term suyurghal does not appear in the document itself; decree lacks an invocation, Aubin attributes it to Jahanshah.
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