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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Rent contract by Mulla 'Abd al-Samad-bay (Kukaldash Madrasa, Tashkent)

Date 22 Rabi' I 1306 / 26.11.1888 - 26.11.1888
Content Mulla 'Abd al-Samad Bay, from the Chuqur Qishlaq quarter, on his own behalf and as solicitor for 14 other tenants acknowledges (iqrar) the vaqf status of some shops in the rasta-i charm-furushan and signs individual rent contracts. Fond No. I-17.Op. 1. D.32601.
Type ijarah-namah
Category Private Deeds
Script nasta'liq
Archive Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan - O'zbekiston respublikasi markaziy davlat arxivi
Keywords vaqf | lease | shops (bazaar)
Places Tashkent | Uzbekistan
Notes A set of documents, prepared by Dr. Uktambek Sultonov (Tashkent Institute for Oriental Studies, Centre for Oriental Manuscripts) for as part of a research project on the endowments of the Kukaldash Madrasah in Tashkent. His research stay in Marburg was funded by the DAAD.
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